beta365官网 好处 - Being a Pacer Has its Perks! 

作为beta365的毕业生, you have access to a number of networking, 职业, and administrative resources at your disposal. Explore the beta365官网 benefits offered to you and take advantage of these amazing opportunities.


Dress up your vehicle as you take your Pacer Pride on the road! Through the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, 任何学生, 女beta365官网和beta365官网, 教师, 工作人员, 家长, or friend can show their Marywood pride with a personal touch to their vehicles. The official Commonwealth of Pennsylvania plate features the Marywood Seal and the words "beta365官网". 


License plates are available to Pennsylvania residents only. Applicants must be the registered owner of the vehicle as indicated on the vehicle's registration credential. 车牌的费用是44美元. The cost includes a $28 PennDOT issuance fee, 6美元制作费, and a $10 minimum contribution to support Marywood student scholarships.

You may also order a personalized beta365官网 plate. There is an additional cost of $112 to have a personalized plate. 有关更多细节,请参阅应用程序. Expect 4-6 weeks to process your order. Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of personalized special organization plate.


Providing real benefits to help you secure the coverage you need since 1975.


  • 汽车、家 & 租房者保险 
  • 人寿保险 
  • 意外死亡保险 
  • 旅游保险 
  • 长期护理
  • Long Term Disability Critical Illness Insurance
  • 宠物保险 
  • 身份盗窃保护  
  • 小企业保险 
  • 补充医疗保险 


  • 房地产推荐计划 
  • Student Loan Refinancing and Mortgages -优惠价
  • 咨询服务  


大多数选择都是beta365官网可以选择的, 学生, 教师, 和工作人员, 还有他们的配偶, 孩子们, 父母, 和兄弟姐妹


拜访Meyer & Associates公司 网站 for more information ◦ 800-635-7801 ◦

We at the Marywood beta365官网会 consider it a privilege to stand in prayer with all our beta365官网 worldwide. Please submit your request or concern, and it will be forwarded to the beta365官网 Prayer Group.


As a way to honor our deceased beta365官网, the Marywood community offers Mass on the last Sunday of each month at 7:30 PM in 玛丽安教堂 with remembrance to those beta365官网 whom we have lost. Family, friends, and community members are always welcome.


For additional information, please contact Campus Ministry at 570-961-4723 or



beta365官网会会员, 他们的配偶, and dependent 孩子们 18 years of age and younger are eligible for membership in the beta365官网 Recreation Association based on the current fee scale. Membership includes use of The Center for 体育运动 and Wellness during posted facility hours.

beta365官网会籍年费   满一年
单一的会员   $300
家庭成员(spouse and/or 孩子们 18 of age or younger)   $400

*Memberships run July 1 through June 30.

Member are allowed to use the Center for 体育运动 and Wellness during posted facility hours (see below for more details on open hours and facility schedule). 该中心包括健身中心, 水上运动中心, 攀岩墙, 健身房, 跑道, 舞蹈工作室, 竞技场, 储物柜(仅供日间使用). Members of the University Recreation Association and Pacers Club must adhere to Marywood Athletic & Recreation Department regulations, as well as follow all signs and warnings posted.


Facility hours change based on the academic year. 请浏览 体育系网站 对于当前的时间表. (Hours are subject to change without notice.)

Just as the 职业发展中心 supports current beta365官网 学生 and their career development needs, 比如帮忙写简历, 面试准备, 招聘会, and various other career exploration options, these valuable services and guidance also are available to our beta365官网. 

Whether you are a recent graduate or have finished your degree years ago, Marywood's 职业发展中心 is here to provide advice and assistance throughout your career.

Finding a job and building a career can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for an internship, 全职工作, 或者不知道从哪里开始, 握手是来帮忙的! You can use Handshake to discover employers and opportunities, 提交申请, 参加招聘会和其他活动, or even post job and internship opportunities for current Marywood 学生 and for Marywood beta365官网!

Learn how to create an account from this 指南,然后从下面开始!


Looking to find Marywood beta365官网 at a specific company, 在某一行业工作, or living in particular city or region? You can use LinkedIn to easily locate and reach out to Marywood beta365官网 based on various criteria.



Contact the Office of beta365官网 Engagement for more informaton.

beta365官网's 玛丽安教堂 is available for Catholic weddings of beta365官网 with expressed written permission of the Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton. If you are interested in holding your special day in the 玛丽安教堂 or taking photos on campus to celebrate your relationship, 电子邮件 beta365官网 欲索取更多资料.